Balkman to the Knicks

I want to make sure we remember what all the basketball experts are saying about my man, Renaldo Balkman, right now, after New York chose him with their first pick of the NBA draft (#20 overall).


New York took Renaldo Balkman? Seriously? A second round pick with No. 20 … didn’t I ask the Knicks to stop embarrassing themselves? — Tony Mejia, CBS Sportsline

Just trying to cheer myself up by thinking about all the Knicks fan/friends I’m e-mailing tomorrow with “Renaldo Balkman!” in the subject heading. — Bill Simmons, ESPN, after the Celtics took Rajon Rondo

This to me is a stunner, I’m stunned. This is a second-round player. Nobody else would have taken him in the first round. — Jay Bilas, ESPN

So we’ll see what happens for the Plastic Man up in New York City. My opinion? The Knicks also had the 29th pick in the draft and they could have probably still picked Renaldo then… that’s what they should have done. That said, I think he’ll be great as a Knick and the trashing he’s getting from the sportswriters right now is just the kind of motivation he needs. Can he prove himself to be a legitimate 1st round pick? Again, we’ll see. But one more quote about how the Knicks fans will react to Balkman:

He will win their hearts. I don’t doubt that. They will love him. — Dave Odom, USC coach


One response to “Balkman to the Knicks

  1. Renaldo baby… I guess I’m a Knicks fan now.

  2. I’d like to mention that I have no idea who he is other than a Cock. NBA is for gangstas. šŸ™‚

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