Going a-travelin’

So I am terrible at keeping up with this blog thing. But interesting news and a little prompting from a good buddy have me writing again. Sary and I are headed to Europe!

We’re leaving Nashville tomorrow for Berlin. There’s a conference there next week where I am presenting a poster on research stuff. Sary is going to go from Germany to Holland during the week to meet with some of her collaborators that live there and work on computer simulations of her experiments. She’ll be back to Berlin by the end of the week and then we are going to Zeuthen, which is a suburb, essentially, of Berlin. I I have a job interview there with the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron. Obviously I don’t know German, but there’s a Elektron in there so it sounds good to me!

The interview part should be very interesting. I am giving a little half-hour talk to a selection committee about what I have been up to at Vanderbilt. They want to hire someone for a year or two (a postdoc, as they call it) to work on stuff similar to what I do here in support of a big European project to make an X-ray laser. I am sure they have a lot more going on, too, as I should learn about while I am there. They are having a big group meeting the first couple days, so I will be able to listen to a lot of talks before the interview part happens. The group works in English so all the meetings are in English (I think!).
After that, it’s just vacation time! We are going to make a side-trip to Paris for about 3 days… see the Eiffel Tower, eat some good bread and cheese, that sort of thing. Then it’s back to Berlin and the next day back to Nashville… it should be a great trip but very busy!

We are very lucky that we know someone who lives in Berlin right now — we are going to stay with her almost the whole time we’ll be gone. The cost of a hotel for all those days is the difference between me going to the conference by myself (or not at all) and being able to afford to stay and play a little bit. So she is helping us out a lot!

We should have internet access, at least during the conference, so I will try to get online and blog about what’s happening. You don’t believe me, do you? I can’t really blame you… but you’ll see!!


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