So I am in Berlin!  Sary put up a good post about our first couple days here at her blog.  We got here on Saturday morning (at 8:30 here, 1:30 am Nashville time) and pushed through the first day before sleeping 12 straight hours on Sunday!  We had a good time though.

The conference started this morning with a speech from a high-ranking German official involved with Technology and that sort of thing.  Sarynna came along and the poor woman had to sit through several hours of equations about free electron lasers, but it made it easier to head on to the airport around lunchtime.  She flew to Holland to meet with some of the people she collaborates with.  I just talked to her on the phone a while ago and she made it there OK… tired but OK.

After dropping her off to meet her plane I went back to the conference for some “nerding out” time with the other dorks.  It was great!  We talked a lot about the computer simulations of experiments like mine that people are doing.  The computers all seem to agree, but real life is being stubborn to follow along with the calculations.  What can you do?

So now I am back at the apartment… I really need to sleep but I haven’t adjusted to the time zone very well so I am not too tired.  Maybe I will watch some German television.  Heike gets BBC World News and CNN in English so I haven’t really watched much TV in German.  I saw about two minutes of the King of Queens last night that was dubbed into German… I think it’s funnier when you don’t understand what they’re saying.  Actually we are getting by really well without knowing German.  Waiters in restaurants invariably speak English and the bus drivers.. well whatever they say I just smile and if they speak to me twice I say the name of the stop I want to go to and smile again and I usually end up there.  So no complaints.  It’s been rainy but not bad.  OK enough rambling good night!  (or good afternoon on Nashville time.. it’s not even 5 pm CDT no wonder I am not tired!)


One response to “Berlin

  1. Hey! Glad you had fun when you got back to the conference. It’s been raining here in Petten/Heerhugowaard too! Can’t wait to see you!

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