At the movies…

Sary and I went to the movies yesterday afternoon… we had several options in mind of things we wanted to see and at some point I chose The Illusionist, because I remembered it had a cool preview. She agreed and we headed out to see it. We got there early enough to see the pre-movie show where they plug new TV shows and movies, but not so early that we had to sit through the movie trivia slideshow which only has 2 questions over and over again for 10 minutes… but that’s a complaint for another day.

The weird thing was, we’re watching the previews and suddenly the preview starts for the movie we’re coming to see! And I am thinking… why would they show the preview for the movie we already bought tickets to watch? The obvious answer is… they don’t. We’re not going to see that movie. So what the hell are we about to see? Sary is not pleased that I chose from a list including several movies she wanted to see and brought us to some random movie.

Well, it didn’t turn out so bad. The movie I thought we were coming to see is called The Prestige with Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson, but instead we watched The Illusionist with Ed Norton and Jessica Biel. And actually, I had seen the previews for both movies, but sort of remembered them as just one movie. They’re both set about 100 years ago and both about magicians. The Illusionist also has Paul Giamatti playing an inspector and sort of the narrator of the movie. The story was really good and we both liked it. It still seems like it must be very similar to the Christian Bale one, except Hugh Jackman does the narrator/sympathetic-antagonist bit. But what do I know, I apparently don’t play too close attention.

To sum up, I am sort of an idiot but it worked out well! Maybe we’ll just start going to movies at random and see what we get.


One response to “At the movies…

  1. movie studios always put these things out in twos, and it’s always made me a little bitter. It’s as if one studio is trying to keep the other from having a “runaway box office smash.” It offends my delicate capitalist sensibilites. Why not just find your own niche and drag more people into the movies rather than splitting the profits on one good idea?

    Anyway, both movies seem to be well cast. Thanks for the review. Go gamecocks.

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