The old stink-eye

Crazy eyes

Crazy eyes

So… been having some eye issues! I’ve had a second coming of iritis (not eye-itis, iris-itis), which I had once while I was at Carolina. It is very annoying because the campus health center doctors, both times, have suggested it was pink eye and given me antibiotic drops. After several days of it getting worse, they referred me to the eye doctor. Iritis is an inflammation of the front of the eye… the iris, the colored part. It’s linked to a whole list of scary diseases I don’t think I have, though it can be just some kind of auto-immune problem. That’s what I think it is, my white blood cells forgetting what my eye cells look like and trying to wrestle them all to the ground.

I am on some medicine now and doing a good bit better. The reason that my eyes look so crazy in the picture is the drops they gave me relax the muscles that open and close the iris, so my pupil just stays dilated all the time. It is very weird and leaves me really light sensitive, at least on that side.

In other news, I am using the good eye to try to write a thesis… I have a good start, but there is a ton to do. I really didn’t need the distraction of the googly-eye, but at least I know what it is and it’s getting better.

As a side note, the doctor at the Vandy Eye Clinic did a good job, so of course I will reward her by complaining about the one thing that happened that annoyed me. Her resident, when he was checking me in and getting my history, asked me who had referred me to the clinic. I told him that I had seen the student health center (twice) and they had referred me for an urgent visit. I didn’t mention that they had asked that I be seen at least a day earlier than they finally saw me, or that the extra day was really crappy because my eye was hurting and there wasn’t much for me to do. At any rate, after I tell him that the student health center referred me he starts reading my chart and under his breath says, “they have got to stop doing this.” Now for all I know, they’ve been bombarded with referrals from student health for unimportant things that could have waited. But in my case I did need to see someone, and if anything I thought I was patient for not just showing up in the ER and demanding someone help me out (it crossed my mind). I know that there are lots of people really in bad shape that they need to take care of, but I really didn’t need to hear him complaining one way or the other.

Rant over. The doctors were good as usual, and the doctor who made the remark was completely professional the rest of the time. I am sure he does not realize that one little thing he said was the most memorable part of my visit. If he’s there at my follow-up appointment, I might just tell him.


5 responses to “The old stink-eye

  1. Hey Chase hope you get better! having an eye-trouble is very annoying!!!!!

  2. I too have recurring iritis and have gone through all the regimens posted on various med sites (blood & urine tests, xrays chest & back, and steroid injections in the eye). As you’re aware, they only treat the symptom, they do not cure. By accident I found a cure for myself where outbreaks end after a day or two instead of 6-8 wks with relief of pain in 2-4 hours.
    Try the antihistamine Hydroxyz HCL 25mg. It is a presription drug. When an outbreak occurs take a pill. If after 2 hours pain is still present or increasing, take another pill. Once pain is under control, take pill about every 4 hours based on pain level. Pain is usually gone in 2-8 hours. Outbreak gone after a day or two. I only take a pill if the pain is obviously returning/intensifying. Once the eye is on the mend, I stop taking the pills. So far I’ve only had to take 2-10 pills during an outbreak depending on intensity of pain.
    Side affects of the pill is drowsiness. You can still function, but you’re definitely in a haze. I shake the effects after 12-24 hrs.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Yep, I did the various tests… but never got to steroid injections in my eye, only steroid drops. The steroid drops worked for me. My doctor never mentioned an antihistamine — that’s interesting. As you say, it’s a prescription drug so something to talk about with your doc.

    Treating the symptom and not curing is the really frustrating part. Part of the reason my first bout with iritis left me upset was that I never knew what caused it. I was told it could come back in a month or maybe it would never come back. Turns out it came back after about 7 years, but I have a friend whose iritis is much more chronic.

    After the second time, as mentioned above, I went through a battery of tests but nothing was conclusive. My general doctor interpreted all my results and her advice was not to worry, to exercise and lead a healthy life. Iritis is now part of my medical history, though, and I will be sure to put it on every doctor’s survey from now on. Thanks for sharing wintemp, really!

  4. I hope your eyes get better!<3

  5. That is something to be worried about. I had iritis about three years ago and after a couple of weeks with no improvement, I started to feel really scared. So, if you have this problem and the doctor didn’t help, look for a second diagnosis from another doctor.

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