Sentimental Over You at Centennial

Some time back I posted about working on Tommy Dorsey solos with the big band. Just thought I would share this video that Sary took at Centennial Park last weekend. It was 13 MB originally, but I don’t know how big the YouTube version is… it may take a minute to load. It’s the opening from Gettin’ Sentimental Over You. My crazy eye is doing much better, by the way.


2 responses to “Sentimental Over You at Centennial

  1. C’mon – not in the original key? šŸ™‚

    Kidding… sounds great!! I bet that’s a lot of fun. I really miss big band playing.

  2. Yeah.. I know! We have done a D version in the past, and it has not been a disaster. But I have to be honest I would be sweating bullets everytime about that fifth note. We played it in a festival thing in Chattanooga and I was worried about it for a week! I played the whole intro at double f just to be damned sure that C# would come out. The lower version has a nice trombone trio in the middle and I don’t tend to roll my eyes when the bandleader calls it at the end of the third set, so I will continue to wuss out!

    I know I am going to miss the big band stuff, too, when we leave Nashville. A lot of fun parts to play.

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