Playboy bunnies and kicking my dog, too

It’s fun living in an area where a political race is garnering national attention. The Bob Corker-Harold Ford Jr. race in TN seems to be on everybody’s radar. That means lots of money for crazy over-the-top ads. Here are the two funniest.

First, the Corker ad (I should say, the Republican National Committee ad) which has been slammed for having racial overtones. That might be a stretch. My first impression was that it was more like an SNL skit than a campaign commercial. And doesn’t it sort of make fun of the people who would presumably be Corker voters? See for yourself here (link to TalkingPointsMemo.. the commentary is all from the Democratic perspective, but it’s a link to the video that should continue to work so I used it).

The next one from the Ford campaign was this ad which falls all over itself to be the “casual but biting comeback.” I cannot help cracking up everytime he says “If i had a dog…” But laugh for yourself here.

For me, this is a hold-your-nose-and-just-do-it kind of vote. The things I am worried about aren’t really being discussed by either of these guys, and I don’t trust either one any further than I could throw him. I’m not really worried about immigration or terrorism…. I don’t want to go to war with Iran, I know that. Maybe I should just move to Germany.


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