I fought the law and…

Gentle readers, a dark cloud has hung over the house of Boulware yea these last weeks. On September 20th, the devious Officer R of the Nashville Metro Police cited yours truly in the misguided notion that I failed to obey a traffic device in downtown Nashvegas. There was much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth as I made the decision to stand up against this false “justice” and bear witness to my cautious (grandmotherly in fact) driving habits in a court of law.

After over a month of not turning in the foul citation, Officer R, with great shame I am sure, did indeed log his complaint with the authorities and a judgment hour was set for 10:30 am this morning. I arrived at 10:15, prepared to deliver the tale of my woe and throw myself before the mercy of whichever wise Justice was on duty in Courtroom 1B. At a little after 10:30 the judge arrived and called my name. Officer R was no doubt cowering in some dark corner where he thought the light of truth could not reach him. He did not dare appear in the court room this day, my friends, and my ticket was dismissed.

As I left the courtroom a free man, I took a long deep breath of the open air and looked around at the wide world. Being on the outside again, I have to tell you, it’s a rush.

Courtroom 1B

Courtroom 1B


4 responses to “I fought the law and…

  1. Was the ticket for driving to slowly? Leaving the blinker on? Changing lanes without signals? Music too loud? That’s hysterical- glad you beat the system.

  2. It was for running a red light… but I didn’t do it you gots ta believe me! The exchange between me and the officer was:

    OFFICER: You ran the red light back there at 7th.
    ME: Are you sure it turned red before I was out of the intersection because…
    OFFICER: Was that before or after you gunned the engine to make it through?
    ME: (eyebrows nice and high because I am amazed he just said that) I did not gun the engine to get…
    OFFICER: If you want to dispute it, come to court.

    So I did come to court, but he did not. I saw it yellow as I went under the light and I almost wish he had showed up so I could complain about him to the judge. I think he just needed to write a ticket and I happened to just slide under a yellow so he said, “OK that guy gets it.”
    However, the “I didn’t do it” defense did not work out so well for the other guys in traffic court (1 out of 3 that we saw) so maybe it is just as well he didn’t show.

  3. My God! Officers go crazy from time to time… but down here in Mexico they just want you money hahahaha

  4. Ahh, sweet freedom!

    From what I’ve seen/heard, arguing against the ticket 9 times out of 10 will get you nowhere. However, what you experienced happens fairly frequently. I went to court recently to fight a ticket… had to pay the fine, but in exchange they threw out the charge and removed it from my record. No points on my license, therefore no insurance premium hikes. Cool.

    And wow, the courtrooms in Nashville are nice!!

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