Merry Christmas from Mexico!

Haven’t been writing anything on the blog as I have busy working on my thesis and then traveling down to Mexico for Christmas. One of Sary’s parents’ neighbors has a unsecured wireless network, so I am taking advantage.

We are having a really good time, although… I caught a cold right before we left and sneezed, sniffled, and coughed the entire twenty hours or so drive to the border which was extra fun for Sary and I. We made the best of it, though, and I love going on roadtrips with her. The iPod kept us entertained, even though I couldn’t belt out the hits like I usually do when we’re driving.

We went to Birmingham the first day and had lunch with Jon and Mollie — it was really good to catch up with them and see their place in B-ham. Then, we got back on the road and drove to Hattiesburg, MS and stayed in a motel. The next day we drove to Houston and stayed with Edgar and Fabiola which also worked out great. The Tuesday before Christmas we crossed the border, picked up my travel permit (uneventfully, thank God), and took Sary to the dentist. You can check her blog for the details but suffice it to say that her wisdom tooth didn’t give up so easily. It took a long time and they were only able to remove one. We’ll get to visit the dentist again, soon.

With being sick and the holiday and family stuff I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the thesis while we have been traveling. But the complete draft is almost done. Amazingly enough, I have ~115 pages and I just need to write an intro and a conclusion section and I think it is ready! It better be soon, because my thesis defense is scheduled on January 19th and my first day of work in Berlin will be February 12th. I have a lot to do, don’t I? In fact I better go!

(By the way, Sary got me a Nintendo DS for Christmas… I forgot how awesome it is to get toys for Christmas!! I am making my list for next year as soon as possible.)


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