Dissertation draft!

This morning I put a draft of my dissertation in the mailboxes of all my PhD committee members. 146 pages of pure [value judgment deleted] but it’s there.. on real paper!! I am sure there will be many changes based on the committee’s comments. I also have to put together my Powerpoint presentation for my defense, which is on Jan. 19th so there’s not much time. But today was a big step.


Thesis title page


5 responses to “Dissertation draft!

  1. Congrats Chase! I’m sure you’ll do well with everything that’s involved. Won’t be long until it’ll be DR. B-! If I don’t see you on the 15th, I’ll catch you at the gig on the 20th.

  2. Nice cover- I think that works in APA and MLA styles!

  3. Congrats! I have no idea what that means or anything – much like I sometimes nod politely when Terra tells me about what she’s doing… but, sweet!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement… I can only hope for polite nodding on Friday. What I’ll get is polite interruption and an ambush of questions. I am up here at the office making slides at this very moment. Hopefully I will be ready.

  5. congrats chase. You will be the best professor ever someday, when you are through with their (the man and his entourage’s) infernal hoop thingies.

    Okay, so that french physics professor at USC was pretty cool, but maybe you could be almost that good.

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