That was all I needed to hear last Friday after my dissertation defense. Passed. Quite a relief. I arrived to Vanderbilt in the summer of 2000 and after a year of classes I started doing research. So that’s over five years of working on this project. Five years of standing in the shower thinking, “Now why the hell doesn’t this work? Maybe I’ll try…(insert next idea).” There was a clear goal from the very beginning, and after some twists and turns we never ended up there. I have learned much, and almost none of it was what I expected.

I will spend my last week in Nashville making some corrections to the thesis suggested by my committee and trying to finish getting packed and ready for Germany. I will miss Nashvegas and I know Sary will, too, but we will stay in touch with the friends that we have made here. I am sure we will be back, even if it’s only to visit.


Thank you, Costco muffins… you keep PhD committees happy!


One response to “Passed

  1. Will miss you both! Enjoy those kooky Germans and we’ll see how much of the language you’ve picked up when you two get back.

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