Arrived in Berlin!

If you have kept up with Sary’s blog, you know that we made it to Berlin! If you only look at mine and have been in suspense, sorry about that. We don’t have regular internet access here yet (in fact, I am typing this up now at the apartment to be posted whenever we next find a wireless connection).

The last couple weeks have been really crazy. We left Nashville on the last Sunday in January after discovering Saturday night that the 10-ft U-haul wasn’t really big enough for all of our stuff and giving/throwing some stuff away so we could make it. We went to South Carolina to take the things that did fit to my parents and stayed there a few days which let us catch up with a few people before we flew off to Berlin.

We left from Columbia, SC on Saturday mid-day and arrived in Berlin at around 8 am on Sunday morning. Because of the time change (we are now six hours later than eastern standard) we had a very long day on Sunday. We pushed ourselves until around 8:30 pm, and because of a little confusion on my part trying to set the alarm, ended up sleeping about 14 hours last night!

We are doing pretty well, actually, although we haven’t been able to set up too much so far. The only thing we really accomplished today was setting up a bank account. The guy at the Deutsche Bank was extremely nice. He apologized more than once for his English, which was actually just fine (and after all, we are in Germany, so we felt lucky that so many people have been able to understand us and talk to us in English).

We are staying for a few weeks in a friend’s apartment in the neighborhood called Schoneberg. It’s actually a pretty nice spot close to a little park. There aren’t any shops or restaurants on this street but there are plenty of things within walking distance. Besides heading to the bank today, we also walked down to the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz, which is an area with lots of shops and restaurants that we visited when we were in Berlin in September. The weather has been pretty cold and a little rainy, not exactly encouraging us to wander around too much. But we need to wander and look for a permanent place to stay. We have a couple ideas so we will be working on that the rest of this week.

I’m a little overwhelmed by all that needs to be done (residence and work permits, phone service, internet and the rest), but I am excited to be here! Hopefully things will be coming together by the time I start at the new job on Monday. I will try to do a little better job of keeping the blog populated with new posts, especially when we get the regular internet service nailed down. For the time being, we are doing great and looking forward to getting phone and internet so we can be closer in touch!

This van is parked outside our apartment with an old South Carolina license plate tacked to the window. I guess those puppets at Disney World were right.


One response to “Arrived in Berlin!

  1. Wow… small world. Better yet, that looks like a sweet, juicy van!

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