Pictures of the new workplace

Just wanted to upload some pictures from the new workplace! I am really struggling with Firefox right now and had to switch to IE to get some of the controls on the wordpress website to function. Very strange. But here is a little video I took in my office! I apparently was a litle slow to realize the video had started, thus my mugshot-style stare at the beginning. Not much to it, but here it is.

My office

I also took a picture of the street where my job is located. It is actually kind of pretty with the lake in the background and the big trees lining the road. I am sure it will look nice in the spring! Come on, spring, get your lazy ass here!

Enter work
Entrance to my work


2 responses to “Pictures of the new workplace

  1. I love the mugshot! Now I need to be strong and stay away from the yummy cake they just baked in this place!

  2. Hey Chase how have u been? 🙂
    we miss u guys over here! hope to see you soon!
    take care

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