I tried this today at lunch on the advice of a colleague.

Sülze, from the Wikipedia Germany article

It tasted, well… I mean, look at it, for God’s sake, that is what it tasted like. The picture actually does not do justice to the congealedness of the beast. But I had to try it (I don’t know why).

Even considering that I only got the cafeteria-style version of this dish, I plan no further experiments involving this particular German culinary tradition. Were the very greatest German chef to invite me to his house to dine on sülze (ZOOHL-tseh), I would politely decline.


4 responses to “Sülze

  1. Huh… looks like old spam…

  2. I’m gonna yack. You are way more brave than I. That looks like ass.

  3. Looks as good as one of Daddy’s favorites, cow brains in scrambled eggs.

  4. It may be an acquired taste, but properly prepared (like my Mom used to do it), it’s a delicacy. Certainly it does not look anywhere near as regurgitated as what hamburger joints use as fixings.

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