Does the word quark make you think of

or maybe?

Well, for me it now means this:

OK too many pictures, not enough words. Quark is a word that Murray Gell-Mann, the physicist, borrowed from James Joyce to describe the little particles that make up protons and neutrons and all kinds of other weird things. But since being in Berlin, I have found that quark also means this delicious soft cheese that’s kind of a mix between cream cheese and sour cream. You buy it in little tubs like the one above — I have been eating it every morning with granola cereal and it is great!

The picture shows the container for the “Viennese style” which is supposed to have apple strudel flavor. It’s pretty good. I have also tried the raspberry, the “Canadian style” (walnuts and syrup), and the Bourbon Vanilla. They are all good! The flavors I have tried have all been from the Dr. Oetker brand which seems very popular. Lucy has been eating the unflavored version from a different producer which is probably a lot more healthy.

So, now you have learned something today. Quark is not just a hypothesis to explain deep inelastic proton scattering data, it’s also a desert topping! (I mean cereal topping.)

Yes… now you can go.


3 responses to “Quark

  1. I can only remember the up and down quarks. What are the others?

  2. Protons and neutrons are made of up and down quarks (mostly… it’s quantum mechanics so I think you can mix in some of the others). The other quarks are what make up all the less common particles. These quarks have the weird names: strange, charm, top, bottom. They make a whole zoo of particles and lots of high energy physics focuses on these…

  3. Hi Chase… my Dad and me were checking out your post hihihihi
    take care!

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