Giant mutant crow descends on London!

Crow on Big Ben

In completely unrelated news, S. and I visited Mini Europe during our trip to Belgium over the weekend.


One response to “Giant mutant crow descends on London!

  1. I know that crow! I was backpacking in Europe a few years ago, and at some point I decided to hike between Alpine Huts in Austria (for those of you who don’t know, Austria is a province in southern Germany). Anyways, there were some Swiss guys who I shared a room with on the third night of my journey; these bastards kept me up all night by playing an accordion in my room. They also had an entire backpack full of dried venison, and as you can imagine it smelled delicious. Anyway, the next day I headed out after those Swiss guys had left, and decided to try to get to a summit by veering off trail during my hike. As I reached the peak, I could see the Swiss group far below. Suddenly, this giant crow comes swooping down the valley and grabs the guy wearing the venison backpack, and flies off with him. Usually it is quiet in the mountains but you could hardly hear a thing with all of my laughing and his screaming! Ha ha! I gave the crow a big thumbs up as he flew away. You really can see some cool stuff over there in the old country!

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