Coincidentally, at the movies

Against the advice of Mr. BDG (you tried to warn us), S. and I went to see the latest installment in the adventures of our friendly neighborhood you-know-who this weekend. It wasn’t so bad and we had a good time going out to the movies, but as related in the aforementioned advice, the cheeseball was liberally applied from beginning to end.

I read a really interesting post about the movie at John August’s blog today that I wanted to share. John August was the screenwriter for Go and Big Fish among other things, and he has a great blog about screenwriting. I don’t imagine I will be writing a movie anytime soon but it’s fun to read about the craft from a guy who really knows his way around a… a movie making, you know, thing.

In this post he’s talking about the 5 fundamental and 8 minor coincidences in the movie.  Some spoilers included but as he says not much more than you’d get from the trailer. Pretty fun to read, plus I learned a new concept, retcon, short for retroactive continuity. That’s whenever a story goes back in time to add something or even change something that happened in the past so that the present story makes sense.

Like when Stefano got shot by Marlena and he fell off that catwalk just as the fire broke out after Roman and Marlena’s wedding. You know, the new Roman, well not the new new Roman that used to be Chris Cossechek but the middle new one who I guess is really John.  John who used to be “the Pawn.”* Then, though it was pretty damn clear he (Stefano) was dead as a doornail, they kind of changed history to let him show up in Salem again (also with his brain tumor miraculously healed). This is a terrible example, but it’s apparently called a retcon. Maybe a better example would be the whole Dallas dream thing, but too late, I have already revealed that I know the names of multiple Days of Our Lives characters and am somewhat versed in twenty-year-old soap opera plotlines. ANYWAY, the post about the movie is:

The Perils of Coincidence

*Did I just know this, or did I look it up online?


4 responses to “Coincidentally, at the movies

  1. You looked it up online… yes? YES???

  2. Yes, of course, I looked it up. I had forgotten all about the brain tumor.

  3. You liar- you totally are into Days…..

  4. The worst offender I’ve seen recently of this coincidence factor won Best Picture. Crash. Honestly, I don’t even think it was a good film, much less the best film of the year (don’t recall the other options though).

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