Almost forgot I was allowed to update this

If this blog were a house plant, it would have died from neglect weeks ago! But it’s not so it lingers on. Lots going on with travel in the past few weeks, and hopefully I will get a chance to comment on it (though Lucy has done a great job on her blog recounting our adventures).

For now, just a couple of pictures. I have now seen the two Parthenons of the world.

Athens Parthenon


Nashville Parthenon


Now, I am willing to give Athens some credit for originality, but damn, take some pride in your place.  You’ve had like 5,000 years to get a roofer in there.


9 responses to “Almost forgot I was allowed to update this

  1. Luv the photos Chase!!!!! 🙂 Im so happy 4 u guys, that you’re having a great time over there… and traveling so much 🙂 hope we can be with you one of this days!!!!
    we miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hi tis s bob saget. the guy from full house..hi

  3. Hello this is the real Bob Saget. That other guy is a fake. If you don’t know who I am than I am the guy from Full House. I’m the dad Danny. I just want to thank my camera guy and best friend Steve because I wouldn’t be on the show with out him. He found me the job for the dad and I got him the camera guy job because i owed him big time. Yes we were already friends before the show but we have gotten closer as time goes on. I hope you are reading this Steve because you are the best! Hope you have a happy birthday!! Thank you so much!!

  4. ☺☻ hows are you goin i are not stupid as you cant see. it are clear to ya huh

  5. wow thats an amazing place! did you go there. i would like to some day. if i only owned a car. reply to this comment if you have a car so maybe i can buy it off of you for $300,000. thanks

  6. i really gotta wee so i really dont have time to read your article haha

  7. i dont know why you wood put a bad word becaws wittle kids see this and dey dont like it 😦

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