The Band Director Guy recently posted about mashups, which are songs pieced together from the audio of two different songs… often very different songs. He gave a couple good examples — I particularly liked the JayZ/Verve mashup of Dirt of your Shoulders/Bittersweet Symphony (on YouTube) and also had to give classic props to the Justin Timberlake/Sugar Hill Gang mashup Rock your body/Rappers Delight (Radio Blog). In his comments I offered up When I’m 25 or 64 done by Jonathan Coulton.

Thanks for posting that stuff, BDG! They really cracked me up. Listening to them reminded me of a different kind of music mixup where a band plays covers in a completely different style from the original. There’s one band called Hayseed Dixie that plays bluegrass covers of metal tunes. My buddy Eric from grad school used to play one of their CDs during poker nights. And I recently discovered another one (which you can hear in the youtube box below) called Beatallica. They play Beatles tunes with somewhat modified lyrics… and in the style of Metallica, of course.

It’s funny… I wanted to make a CD of them for Eric to hear when we went to Hugo and Isa’s wedding last weekend. I forgot to make the CD but when I mentioned the name of the band he had already heard of them. How is it that some people are always in the know about cool/weird stuff like this and where do I sign up?!

Hey Dude

EDIT: Good point from Mike in the comments.  And I don’t have to break the Metallica theme to bring you some Richard Cheese.

Enter Mr. Sandman


4 responses to “Beatallica

  1. Sorry to disagree. I think the Beatallica piece fails, unless of course its title is “John Lennon imitating, simultaneously, Metallica, a suffocating cat, and Metallica imitating a suffocating cat.”

    And how dare you forget to Mention Richard Cheese?

  2. Maybe the most famous was the blue grass “Gin and Juice” which had a serious wave of popularity for awhile to the extent that you couldn’t make a trip to Bar None without getting a listen of it.

    I still think it was cool. The Gourds, I think.

  3. I do remember the bluegrass Gin and Juice, though I could never have come up with the name of the group.

    You know, I always loved the idea of Bar None. The last refuge that magically stayed open forever. Every time I actually went there it was terrible. And not that I was there so many times, but I don’t think it was ever terrible in the same way twice.

  4. Bar None isn’t terrible, it’s just always a disaster. sometimes a good disaster. There is nothing in this world that makes you feel seedier than walking out of Bar None into sunlight and watching the joggers run by…for the second or third time that week.

    When I go, I’ll blame it on those weeks.

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