Santana shreds

This is priceless. Every time I watch it gets funnier… you have to catch the keyboard player dropping into the Final Countdown at 1:11.

Not sure what a hat tip from Wild Goose Chase is worth, but I got this from Jonathan Coulton’s blog. He has a link to a whole collection of these from YouTuber StSanders. JoCo’s favorite is Jake E. Lee shreds, because, in his words, “it has Ozzy clapping all out of time like a crazy person.” Yeah, it does.


One response to “Santana shreds

  1. Sorry I missed the phone message!!! CRAP! I’m good for whatever you need in December. Parents are coming on the 9th for early Christmas and family stuff with Leslie will be done. I’m all yours. Not in a gay way, though. That’s for later. 🙂

    Go Vandy. Shit, you went there too.

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