Life is full of problems

Just got back from the coffee machine(s). The one by my mailbox produces very hot, possibly even milk-containing Schokolademilch for 50 cents per cup. But it’s right beside my mailbox which is right upstairs from the office. So there’s no thoughtful walk back from the coffee machine while my creamy hot chocolate cools. No good.

The Cafitesse Serie 700. Yeah, right… in my dreams my building has one of these.

I proceeded to what is in fact my preferred coffee machine, where a Kakaohaltiges Getrank costs a mere 35 cents (this is around 24 US dollars right now). Admittedly, there is no promise of milk in the title, literally “chocolate-containing drink,” but the location is excellent. Sufficiently far from my office that I can be about 3% closer to communion with the infinite by the time I ponderfully wander through the buildings back to my office. One downside is the proliferation of 5-cent pieces due to the odd price, but I was prepared for that this morning. I inserted a Euro coin and a 5-cent piece into the machine, which normally results in a plastic cup full of my second-tier hot chocolate and 50- and 20-cent pieces in change — no “nickels.” However, not only is the machine not producing said crappy chocolate drink this morning, it returned my money as two 50-cent pieces and my original five. So I am stuck with no hot drink and an extra coin.

This alarming sequence of events brings me to my third-choice drink dispenser (the more-expensive-milk-containing-hot-chocolate machine is the normal 2nd choice, but I overlooked this in my anger this morning). This machine is located in the canteen, which is actually closer to my office than my preferred machine but further than the mailboxes, so it’s workable. This machine functions under the same pricing and quality conditions as my #1 choice, and in fact is in Betrieb today. So I got my chocolate-containing beverage and now have arrived back in my office. I wish I could say all is well but there is a reason the canteen machine is in third place. It delivers drinks near the optimum drinking temperature, which of course is too cold by the time I return to my workplace. Also, the machine refused to take my 5-cent coin, so now I am stuck with four coins when I should only have two. I will try to pawn off the 5-cent pieces on the canteen at lunch, which should work.

As I arrived at my office, I bumped into a colleague and we had a short discussion because he needs some figures from me for a talk he has suddenly been asked to give in Tblisi this month. He told me he would confirm the security situation before he makes his trip. I hope everything will be OK, but in a world where decent hot chocolate at a reasonable price is only sometimes available at great effort, what can you really count on?


One response to “Life is full of problems

  1. You know, I never asked you about the Tblisi talk… Be careful – I miss you.

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