About W. G. Chase

What does Wild Goose Chase mean? In general, it is a search that turns out to be a failure especially when it is revealed to be pointless, or takes a long time, is confusing, etc. If I spent all day searching for a store that sells cheese in Beijing, then I later find out that people in China don’t eat cheese (so there is not such a store), I would say I spent all day on a wild goose chase.

Why is this blog called Wild Goose Chase? Hmmm… no comment. Not much else to say.  This is a seminonymous blog, meaning that I don’t really go out of my way to protect my identity, but I don’t have my name on the front page, either.  I don’t think anything I am saying is particularly controversial, and most everything is aimed for friends and family.  But seminonymous is how it is, for now.


One response to “About W. G. Chase

  1. Ahh I understand and this from a Wilgus whose name is derived from Wildgoose.

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