Free ice cream!

A couple of times in the last few months, lunch at the cafeteria has come with free ice cream. There has been a theme, shall we say, to the free ice cream selections. For example, twice we had vanilla and chocolate soccer balls on a plastic whistle stick. Said soccer balls never appear in the “for sale” ice cream section.  They only show up when it is free ice cream day.  That led to speculation about the source of the ice cream, in line with the cafeteria’s known predilection for serving leftovers. These speculations were confirmed this week when the following was our free dessert:

ice cream wrapper

My free ice cream cone

ice cream wrapper zoom

Logo at the bottom right

The waffle cone was a little soft. What do you mean? Of course I ate it. It’s free ice cream.


2 responses to “Free ice cream!

  1. Ummm…it’s called an “update”. give it up……

  2. Agree with Band Director Guy… give it up… the update, that is.

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